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Weekly Expressions #55 - Babar ovo

Weekly Expressions #55 - Babar ovo

Everyone has that friend at school, college or at work who always likes to praise their superiors in order to get some advantage for themselves. Today we’re going to learn about an expression in Portuguese that can be used to explain exactly how this person should be called.

Enjoy it!

Examples we mentioned in the episode:

ENG: He’s just the assistant to the manager, there’s no need to lick his boots.
PTBR: Ele é apenas assistente do gerente, não precisa babar o ovo dele.

ENG: She’s such a bootlicker that I don’t take any of her compliments seriously.
PTBR: Ela é tão baba ovo que eu não levo nenhum dos elogios dela a sério.

ENG: The kind of office in which people feel they have to bootlick in order to get ahead.
PTBR: O tipo de escritório no qual as pessoas sentem que tem que babar ovo para se dar bem.

The literal translation for “baba ovo” can be considered a little bit offensive, so, be careful when using it. In english, it would be: “ass kisser“.  

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