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Weekly Expression #4: Bem feito

Weekly Expression #4: Bem feito

Every week we will teach you guys a new Brazilian Portuguese Expression. This week the expression is “bem feito”.

Let’s say that something bad happens to someone as a result of something he / she did. In Portuguese, it is common to use expressions such as “bem feito!“, “bem feito pra você!“, “pega, abestado“, “toma, seu leso“, “acho é pouco!“, “vai, seu besta“, “ché poco!”.

Usually, we use expressions like this to show the person that he deserves what happened to him, who knows how he learns a lesson and avoids making the same mistake again.

Portions in Portuguese:

Guilherme: Bem feito! Quem mandou você não ter ouvido antes?

André: OK, beleza. É isso aí gente!

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