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Weekly Expression #1: Vazar

Weekly Expression #1: Vazar

This is a new series called Weekly Expression.

Every week we will teach you guys a new Brazilian Portuguese Expression. This week the expression is “vazar” (literally it means: to leak).

This expression was chosen from this Flashcard set: https://reallylearnportuguese.com/brazilian-flashcards/intermediate-and-advanced/expressions-and-idioms-set5/

Portions in Portuguese:

André: Mano, você não é líquido não, né?

Guilherme: Hahaha, que pergunta idiota cara!

André: Mas você já vazou, né?

Guilherme: Claro… Já vazei várias vezes.

Guilherme’s example:

André, eu acho que essa festa não está boa. Vamos vazar?

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