RLP no Notícias do Bem!

RLP no Notícias do Bem!

Hey there! André here!

So here in my city two young ladies who work at the local press had an amazing idea: Create a Youtube Channel to share only good and inspiring news.

Talita Camargos and Marcela Mesquita (now my dear friends) curate and produce this quick show to share what’s good and inpiring locally, and also all-over the world.

On the video below they featured us (RLP) as we’re helping people learn Portuguese for free (yay!). You can see Guilherme and I on minute 4:22.

I’d like to thank our listeners Eddy, Elmira and Gemma who sent us videos talking about RLP for this video. You guys rock!

TIP: Turn captions on (RLP made the subtitles for this video :)). If it doesn’t work here click to watch it on Youtube. Enjoy!