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Real Brazilian Conversations #3: São Paulo

This is an episode of Real Brazilian Conversations, a new series where you improve your listening comprehension and also learn vocab, pronunciation and cultural references that Brazilians really use.

In this conversation André talked with Rita, who has lived in the city of São Paulo for over 35 years. They share opinions about what’s good and bad about the city.

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Comments (7)

  1. Reply Jackson


    1. Reply Really Learn Portuguese

      Valeu Jackson!

  2. Reply Mikajulia

    Adorei o dialogo.
    Muito obrigada.

    1. Reply Really Learn Portuguese

      Que bom que gostou Mika. Eh noix!

  3. Reply AAAAA

    She’s wrong, people that are from the city are Paulistanos and from the state Paulistas.

    1. Reply Really Learn Portuguese

      Hey there!

      Yes! Actually I made a cultural note on the PDF Guide talking about that. It’s easy to get confused with these things. You have “Paulista”, “Paulistano”, and “São Paulino”. She must have had a lapse of thought and mixed ’em up.

  4. Reply Patrick

    Very difficult to understand. I have been studying for 2 years 8 months and have been to Brasil 11 times. I have had a difficult time learning Portuguese so far. My Brasilian girlfrind only speaks English with me which has made it tough and I just found out I needed hearing aids so i hope they help. Its been very frustrating. Any ideas as to things to try? Thanks Patrick

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