Português para Estrangeiros – Nível 1

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  • Duration 1h 20m
  • Last Update Nov 9, 2021


Hi, Guilherme here from ReallyLearnPortuguese.com.

Welcome to the course Português para estrangeiros Nível 1.

Since we started this project, our main goal has always been to help our students to have fun while learning Portuguese, but at the same time, learn it in a very effective way.

So, to add even more value to your studies, we are launching this basic module, so you can take the first steps into learning our wonderful language. Here you will understand how to use basic words, to ask for information, to use important verbs and much more.

All videos are subtitled and you will be able to download a support material to access whenever you want.

That’s it, I hope you like it. If you have any questions, send us an email to contact@reallylearnportuguese.com

See you!

What Will I Learn?

  • With this course, you will learn the basics of communicating in Portuguese for the first time. Also, the material will help you understand some important questions about verbs and other subjects.

Topics for this course

19 Lessons1h 20m

Português para Estrangeiros – Nível 1?

Introduction to the Course.
Course Materials00:00:00
Welcome to the Course00:1:9
Aula 01 – Greetings in Portuguese00:6:24
Aula 02 – Family Names00:5:12
Aula 03 – How to ask for information?00:6:50
Aula 04 – Colors in Portuguese00:4:16
Aula 05 – Numbers in Portuguese00:7:11
Aula 06 – Foods that Brazilians like the most00:8:28
Aula 07 – Days of the week00:4:36
Aula 08 – Parts of the House00:3:15
Aula 09 – Daily Routine00:2:19
Aula 10 – How to Tell Time in Portuguese00:1:39
Aula 11 – Verb To Be00:5:7
Aula 12 – Verb To Have00:3:37
Aula 13 – To Be (Location and Mood)00:3:38
Aula 14 – Interrogative Pronouns00:4:6
Aula 15 – Possessive Pronouns00:3:5
Aula 16 – Verb to Like/Love00:2:7

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Material Includes

  • PDF Files containing the examples used on the classes.


  • Always have a pen and paper in hand to write down your questions and try to repeat the words aloud, according to the teacher's instructions.

Target Audience

  • Basic students.