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You Transcribe It #1

Hello guys.

We’ve just created a new series on our Podcast. It’s called “You Transcribe It”. We’re going to post an audio speaking slowly and you have to transcribe what we’re saying. You can send us the answers and we’ll correct everything. Good luck!

Oh, and please tell us if we’re speaking too slowly or if it’s OK on the comments.

Post your answers here:

Music by: Rob Araujo – Funkin

Comments (4)

  1. Reply Lorna

    It is just about the right speed for me and I enjoyed it even if I struggled in places. but perhaps it would be easier if it is bit shorter and you do not mix it with French ‘beaucoup’ and English.
    best wishes

    1. Reply Guilherme Mendes

      Hey Lorna. Thanks for the tips!
      Keep improving!

  2. Reply ceflolop

    Great idea guys, congrats!
    For me it’s a little bit slowly, but no biggie. Thanks for everything.

    1. Reply Guilherme Mendes

      Hey Cecilia. I’m glad you like it!
      Let’s get it.

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