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RLP Challenge #4

Hey guys, today is the day for another RLP CHALLENGE.

Listen to the dialogue and write (HERE) in Portuguese what you just listened. I’ll correct all of your answers there. You need to be logged in to post on the forum!

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  1. Reply Patrick

    I have been studying Portuguese for 2 years and 8 months and have been to Brasill 11 times but I am struggling. When I hear people speaking Portuguese I have a hard time understanding which makes it difficult to converse. My Brasilian girlfriend only speaks English with me when I go to Brasil which doesn’t help. I just got hearing aids hoping they will help. What can I do to improve my understanding? Not being able to converse keeps me from learning. When in Brasil i can say hello goodbye please thank you good morning and goodnight and order a drink but if anyone says anything its a struggle. Thanks! Patrick

    1. Reply Guilherme Mendes

      Hey Patrick. How are you?

      I think the fact that you still have people speaking English with you all the time gets in your way. Try to make Portuguese present in everything you do: songs, movies, conversations (speaking or writing) and have someone to practice daily. For a better understanding of the language, listening is the key. Do not use English when you have trouble speaking Portuguese, this makes your brain lazy!

      Send me your skype to guilherme@reallylearnportuguese.com so we can talk a little more.


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