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How to donate?

Simply click the button bellow. You’ll be taken to a Paypal page where you can enter the amount you want to donate. It’s processed by Paypal and completely safe.

People paying in reais (R$) use the button bellow


How will your donations help us?

  • Purchase better equipment for audio and video (right now we need a new camera, external mic, for the camera and lights to record better videos.
  • Purchase books and participation on seminar and conferences so we learn how to better teach and create materials.
  • Purchase services to make our website faster and more user-friendly.
  • Finance travels so we can shoot many destinations of Brazil to you and the people from each region speaking.
  • I’m sure we’ll figure out more ways to revert those donations back to you in quality and more content :).

Who donated and how they have helped us so far?

  • Donors: Yermak from Germany. Leo from Canada. Alain from Switzerland. Randy, from the US. Willem, my Dutch friend living in Brazil. Kristin, from the US (you rock!). Paul (not sure where from yet). John from the US. Jules from France.
  • How their donations helped us so far:
    • Give us hope that RLP is valuable to people and make us more and more excited about producing amazing stuff for YOU!
    • Hire MadMimi, an e-mail service to better deliver our update e-mails
    • Create ads on Facebook and Google to help attract more people to our website
    • Purchase some acoustic treatment foams to make audio quality better.
    • MOST RECENT: We purchased books on language acquisition, sociolinguistic mapping of Brazilian Portuguese, a Brazilian Portuguese for Foreigners course work book for teachers and a book on e-mail etiquette so we won’t annoy you with our e-mails ;).

How else can you help us?

  1. Sharing our content in your Portuguese learning communities
  2. Subscribing and writing us a review on iTunes. Click here.
  3. Subscribing and, thumbs-upping and commenting our videos on You Tube, click here.
  4. Again, if life is being good to you, you can always donate a little dough. We’ll revert that back to your Portuguese learning enjoyment.
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