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About RLP

Enough with the boring and too basic materials for learning Portuguese!


Hi. We’re André and Guilherme.

We’re the guys behind RLP.

André created Really Learn Portuguese (RLP) to help you learn Brazilian Portuguese, and Guilherme came on board to make things even better.

Your goal probably is to take your Portuguese language skills to the next level (and/or keep brushed up on it).

Our mission is to help you achieve that with simple, to-the-point materials that will always teach you something new and meaningful.

You probably know some other Brazilian Portuguese language websites and, to be honest, many of them do a terrific job!

But you might feel that sometimes things can get boring, too basic, or pushy (if you’re getting free content and they’re trying too hard to sell you something).

Here’s our purpose with RLP: to provide really useful content in an interesting way, to listen carefully to your needs and wishes in learning Portuguese so we can create valuable stuff for you.

We will strive to provide that for you by making Podcasts, Blog Posts and also free premium content.

You probably hate these (we do too):

  • Lousy quality and BS stuff
  • People being pushy on selling you stuff

With that in mind here’s what we commit to do:

  • Create good quality and useful content
  • If you subscribe to get my Newsletters and/or Podcasts I won’t be pushy on presenting my premium content. I’ll just briefly mention it every now and then and let you decide if that’s valuable for you.  🙂

That’s it!

If you want to receive my newsletters (podcasts, free content, posts, tips and sometimes announcements), click here.


André Barbosa & Guilherme Mendes | The guys behind RLP

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