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Weekly Expression #30: Baboseira

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  1. Reply Lorna

    Thanks a lot. I am English and I had to think what BS means. Then I realized it is bullshit. In England we use bullshit too but we also say ‘that is rubbish!’

    1. Reply André Barbosa

      You’re welcome Lorna! Interesting… When there are terms that some people might get offended by we tend to dodge them or Over-Warn people. One could say that this stance of ours is rubbish.

  2. Reply Lorna

    No it is a sensible stance. I just wanted to point out that American English and British English can be very different so I wanted to make sure that I have understood the correct meaning because we have a lot of words that could have described your conversation and I could not tell if you were saying BS VS or ES 😀

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