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Weekly Expression #1: Vazar

This is a new series called Weekly Expression.

Every week we will teach you guys a new Brazilian Portuguese Expression. This week the expression is “vazar” (literally it means: to leak).

This expression was chosen from this Flashcard set: http://reallylearnportuguese.com/brazilian-flashcards/intermediate-and-advanced/expressions-and-idioms-set5/

Portions in Portuguese:

André: Mano, você não é líquido não, né?

Guilherme: Hahaha, que pergunta idiota cara!

André: Mas você já vazou, né?

Guilherme: Claro… Já vazei várias vezes.

Guilherme’s example:

André, eu acho que essa festa não está boa. Vamos vazar?


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  1. Reply Lee

    Good Evening Andre,,Lee from Canada,, I really like your content and approach here on the web site,Will be making a donation to support your efforts soon.

    Thank you

    1. Reply Really Learn Portuguese

      Hey Lee!

      Good evening!

      Thanks, we’re glad we can help you!

      Thanks for your support! It really means a lot to us! We’ll work hard to get better and better!

      Um abraço!


  2. Reply Nathanael

    I really like this segment, André! The example and dialog are really practical and paint an easy to remember visual picture. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more.


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