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The best resources to learn Portuguese

Original post adapted from https://www.reddit.com/r/Portuguese/comments/4goeec/collection_of_resources/ with permission of the author.

If you have a suggestion leave it on the comments and I’ll update the page!

Overview / Learning Tips


Video Chat

  • streetsmartbrazil – individual video lessons – paid
  • iTalki – find a tutor and/or language partners – free and paid
  • verbling – similar to iTalki – paid
  • The Mixxer – find online language partners (mostly for Skype calls) – free

Audio / Podcasts

Vocabulary Leaning Apps/Services/Games


Pronuncialtion helper

Verb conjugation helper

They are all pretty similar

Communities / find and ask native speakers


Blogs – language related

Reading practice / Blogs

Browser Extensions

  • Google translate lets you mark and translate certain passages

Mobile Apps

  • Duolingo
  • Anki
  • Busuu
  • dict.cc – offline dictionary
  • HelloTalk

Comments (6)

  1. Reply joshua.koehler86

    I can’t believe Linq isn’t on here! Linq has tons and tons of audio (all with texts), and a great interface for tracking progress and reviewing. It was designed by an accomplished polyglot Steve Kaufmann, check it out! It is my favorite resource for improving listening comprehension and reading.

    1. Reply André Barbosa

      Hey Joshua,

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      Do you mean Lingq? https://www.lingq.com

  2. Reply Rocklyn

    Dicionario e treinador de vocábulos

    1. Reply André Barbosa

      Que legal! Obrigado por compartilhar Alain!

  3. Reply Thierry

    Thanks for this list André. I’m recommending Rui and Joel from practiceportuguese.com to anybody willing to progress in European Portuguese; they are offering regular podcasts which can be completed with videos and text/vocabulary transcripts.

    1. Reply André Barbosa

      You’re welcome! Cheers.

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